Path Elements Los Angeles

Path Elements is excited to share this January 25-28, 2018 in Los Angeles, California.  Come join our annual Path Inspired Weekend and discover how you can become a member of this growing community of leaders, coaches, trainers, and direct sales members.  Register by Dec 29, 2017 and SAVE $50 Click the image below to register.


Introducing the new and improved path elements system! Available to everyone in 2018!! Click the image below to register!!

New Features include:

  • Brand new Path Element website
  • New and improved Path Elements Value Matrix
  • Phone/Tablet friendly
  • Simple HTML and PDF reports
  • Fast organization reports
  • Department reporting
  • Compatibility reports
  • Trainer/Coach/Direct Sales Options
  • Contextual Content to help drive organizational growth
  • Intelligent team-strengthening recommendation engine
  • Subscription Model making it easier to access and use

helping organizations find the path to elemental Culture

Leverage the Path Elements tools with organizations.  Become a Member and get licensed to sell the Path Elements, Elemental Business Intelligence Systems, and Elemental Life Intelligence Systems to teams, companies and families.  You can also become trained in these systems and add these resources to your list of services and skills as you train, coach or sell products to those you serve. 

  • HR Screening
  • Improved intra and inter team communication
  • Team Building and Team Communication
  • Team structure reviews using Best Practices 
  • Elemental Selling Program
  • Customer Care and Client Management
  • Elemental Performance Reviews and Productivity 
  • Elemental Coaching for Leadership, Habits, Relationships and Innovation
  • Elemental Culture and Change

The Path Elements is based on the four elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Wind. It is designed as a communication tool that gives individuals, teams and families a common language for building respect and understanding what each other.  Learn how you can become a member of the Path Community and sell, share and grow your business using the Path tools and resources.