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The key focus of Path Elements is to fully understand who you are so you can better understand how to interact with others. The four essential elements: Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind are keys to understanding yourself and building better relationships with those around you.

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Customizable for any size team

for teams

Great teams are made from many Elements working in harmony. Developing highly productive teams requires a tool that is easy to apply, with interdepartmental reach. Fast, visual, and cross cultural for teams of any size.  

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for Leaders

Great leadership can come from any Element. Leaders are learners.  Using a system that grows and develops leaders is at the heart of the Path Elements. Use the Path Elements to grow your business and leaders.  

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For individuals and families

Great purpose comes from tapping into your individual strengths and learning how to overcome personal challenges. Families are looking for common ground and a common sense resource.  A tool that offers both.  Path Elements loves families!

More Value. Less Theory.


Path Elements is so much more than an assessment. There's so much more to it than just taking a survey and learning about yourself. By asking value based questions we can focus on areas of life that excite you, bring grounding to your productivity, enhance your relationships, and foster your creativity and innovation.  While you have one or two Elements that guide your daily agenda, you have all four elements within you that help to shape your choices, your activities, and your relationships.




Elemental Business Intelligence System

The Elemental Business Intelligence System is a customized menu of services for designing an Elemental Culture and organization from the ground up.  We have over 30 years of experience in working with small to mid-size to fortune 50 companies.  We have worked with some of the top CEO's in business who have benefited from using our software, leadership, coaching, sales, and culture tools to grow their people and expand their vision.  Email us at to set an elemental discovery call.  

Nobody Wins Until We All Do.
— Laurie Beth Jones



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