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What is the Elemental Business Intelligence System ?

The Elemental Business Intelligence System (EBIS) is a holistic approach to human capital management. Each product or program intersects and builds upon the other.

Elemental Values Matrix or Path Elements Profile (PEP) s designed to help individuals realize their unique elemental blueprint. Each PEP is much like an embryo, full of potential and possibilities. It is the realization of the “I.” It is indeed like the eye, helping people begin to see the world in a new and exciting ways.

Elemental Communication System (ECS) is designed to help individuals recognize the giftedness and values of others around them. Learning how to speak the language of those who are elementally different is key to growing an organization. It is the “I” recognizing the “we’ of the team. This program is much like the ear, suddenly hearing new ways to communicate with others who are vital to growth.

Elemental Team Challenge (ETC) is a diagnostic tool which assesses the best practices of the oranization from a simple true/false perspective. By using this tool, team leaders get a deep look into the internal workings of the organization. It asks “How healthy are we, really?” This examines the heart of the organization, beating steadily every day.

The Elemental Decision Matrix (EDM) is a tool that allows leaders to include each elemental perspective in decisions both large and small. By making sure that each “voice” and “value” of all the elements are represented, leaders are able to make wise choices more quickly. Likewise, they avoid making decisions only out of their own elemental blueprint--which might otherwise cause them to miss 75% of the entire view. Consider the EDM the compass of the Elemental Business Intelligence System.

The Elemental Sales Program (ESP) is a series of trainings designed to rapidly accelerate the revenue stream of an organization. People who master Elemental Recognition can increase both the speed and volume of sales by eliminating resistance and reducing barriers. ESP teaches the “I” and the “we” how to recognize, value, and persuade “them.” It is like the arms, reaching out to others who need the organization’s services.

Elemental Performance Coaching (EPC) teaches leaders how to get the most from each element on their team. Trends in business show that people perform better with coaches, rather than “bosses.” This program takes leaders deep into the nuances of how to improve the performance of their team from a customized approach. This is a supercharged talent maximizer training, revealing synergistically how the team can improve its performance in previously unimagined ways.

Elemental Cultural Integration (ECI) speaks to the long term sustainability of the organization. Intentional leadership action around 48 PuIse Points will help create an entity that is capable of sustaining itself in good times or bad. This is the soul of the organization, revealed through the philosophy, people, process and promise that it brings to the world at large.

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